How to express your vote?

  • You will find, below, the list of nominated HR Service Providers for the HR Excellence Awards 2024, classified into 13 categories.
  • You may only vote once, and only for 1 company per category.
  • Please be fair by voting upon either your personal experience with a provider or an objective appreciation.
  • The vote is open to people working in an HR department or any other department of your organization – purchasing, finance, marketing, operations…
  • You are not allowed to vote for your own company or organization, or any subsidiary of it. If you try, it will be automatically rejected anyway.
  • To be valid, a vote must be expressed by a person working in Belgium and by using an email address that clearly identifies your organization. Therefore, votes expressed via public email addresses like,, …, that do not allow to identify your company will be automatically rejected.
  • In order to avoid skewed results from massive vote from a company for a specific nominee, a maximum of 20 votes initiated by a same company will be validated.
  • The votes are controlled one by one by intelligent algorithms + manual verification, and under the control of the Jury. Any attempt of fraud may lead to the exclusion of a nominee.
  • The vote is open from 01 to 16 February 2024 at 06:30 PM.

Thanks for your collaboration !